Asset Management

Agiamo in qualità di centro di competenza per la gestione patrimoniale degli averi previdenziali in seno al Gruppo Migros.

Direct investments in Swiss real estate

MPK holds direct investments in Swiss real estate with a market value of around CHF 6 billion, making it one of the leading property investors in Switzerland. MPK manages most of its properties itself, with an experienced staff of specialists at its Schlieren headquarters and offices in Basel and Ecublens. We focus in particular on buildings that are well built and sustainable (MINERGIE® or comparable standard required in principle for new builds), and that are regularly maintained and have satisfied tenants.

Investment policy

MPK only makes direct investments as the sole owner. Care is taken to ensure that the portfolio is appropriately diversified in terms of the use, geographic location and size of the properties. At the core of the portfolio are investments in residential and commercial properties, development projects and undeveloped land.

We use a recognised external municipality rating to assess the quality of each macro location, selecting only municipalities with above-average ratings. The micro location has to meet or exceed the quality requirements applied to the macro location.

Investment objectives and expected returns

Our investments are not leveraged (i.e. we do not finance them with borrowed capital).

The aim is to achieve a sustainable return in line with the market, taking the KGAST (Conference of Managers of Investment Foundations) real estate index as the benchmark. The portfolio is managed using an active investment approach.

MPK is regarded as a reliable, solvent and trustworthy partner, and guarantees to handle all real estate business in a professional manner. The Portfolio Management Swiss Real Estate looks forward to hearing from you and guarantees a professional service.

Our investment criteria are as follows:

  • Investment volumes from approx. CHF 20 million to approx. CHF 100 million.
  • Focus on good to very good locations in large and medium-sized towns, including the corresponding conurbations.
  • Good transport links, especially as regards public transport.
  • Construction projects and newer or completely renovated existing properties.
  • Focus on the highest possible proportion of residential usage. Purely commercial properties only in locations with sustainable letting demand.

If it meets the above criteria, we will be happy to consider your offer.

Please send us your offer to the address below: